Fordham & Dominion Packaging

Was tasked by Fordham & Dominion with updating the packaging for their 5 core beers. After doing research into the brewery and their name, particularly with the history surrounding ‘Old Dominion’, a lot of heraldic imagery started to emerge. With a loyal fan base through the mid-atlantic, I felt there was also a need to connect with region somehow. Where I landed was to create a faux royal family of regional + coastal birds with each beer getting a monarch to visualize its namesake. It not only gave the packaging a new, more sophisticated look, but the messaging and voice became more playful. Things such as ‘Copperhead Lager’ have a deeper relevance to the crown and the royals, than simply slapping a snake on the can.

Sadly, this direction was not chosen for the final packaging, and gets sent to the island of misfit projects

made @ mission