Natty Boh Packaging Concepts

Pabst and National Bohemian came to mission looking for a new system for their beer packaging. Included in the family was the most well-known National Bohemian, a Baltimore legend, their citrus-based Crab Shack Shandy, and then a newly launched light version of their flagship, which was still up in the air on naming. Unfortunately these concepts were a little farther out-there than they were looking to go, so these ended up on the cutting room floor.

made @ mission

Concept 1

Playing off the most recognizable part of the National Bohemian brand, Mr. Boh, the design takes this friendly character and makes it as big as would fit on one facet of the can. On the ‘back’ view of the can, the hierarchy flips to leave the logo smaller with a giant presentation of their tagline for each beer. Across the family, different colors are used to distinguish between the flavors, with Crab Shack getting a slightly special treatment with the introduction of little crab friends.

Concept 2

Concept 2 takes a more vintage approach to label design by utilizing a large, bold container shape that holds all the content. Much like the old brewery, Mr. Boh sits proudly on top, peering out from store shelves trying to steel customer glances. The design is all in the details with this can design. Deconstructed elements from the logo adorn negative space throughout, and help elevate a simple layout.

Concept 3

The third concept brings a blue-collar spin to beer packaging, mimicking the Baltimore heyday and working-class patrons that gave the beer it’s start. Using a vintage print aesthetic, each of the flavors uses a different background texture that ties it to a place and time in Maryland that fits it best. Original uses newspaper headlines from old Baltimore Sun articles, Light uses tickets and reporting from classic Preakness events, and Crab Shack uses the order tickets and brown paper that pair so well with a crab deck feast.