SU Viewbook

Due to some cost considerations, the UComm team decided to do an abbreviated version of the annual viewbook, and then focus efforts on a matching web presence, which you can also see here. The booklet uses a gatefold self-cover to help give general information upfront, and then move to more specific topics inside.

The design is an evolution from the previous aesthetic of big photography and type, due to a more condensed medium. Real estate was at a premium and each photo, design element and infographic was scrutinized by the design team.

Images from various instagram accounts were used to build a snapshot of genuine student life at the university … not one using staged photos and trendy models.

The back gate-fold takes viewers on mini-campus tour of most popular places for a first-year students, such as freshmen dorms, the cafeteria and entry-level classes.

2013 Edition - Extensive Booklet

An overhaul of the previous publication, the 2012 SU Viewbook is a mammoth of a project that acts as a showcase of the university to prospective students. Large, full-bleed photos are used to break up student profile pages and catch the attention of a curious 18 year old. Dense fields of copy were replaced with open white space. Infographics are sprinkled throughout the book to give short, concise information that supplement the body copy and add interesting graphic elements to each spread.