Susquatches Identity

Currently Susquehanna’s athletic teams use the Crusader as their mascot. History has it that the name was instilled from the early days of the university’s history in its efforts ‘crusading’ for women’s rights. Currently in this age of political correctness, Crusaders conjure up more images of Knights from the Middle Ages battling the heathen Muslims, than it does with womens’ rights.That creates a delicate situation when it comes to the university support of the name. Over time, proposals for rebranding athletics have come and gone without traction, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Playing off the university’s rural location and the name Susquehanna, the mythical bigfoot character came to mind. Dubbed the ‘Susquatch,’ the concept was a gold mine of brand development possibilities. From sub elements and taglines noting that ‘We Believe’ to furry foam fingers and apparel designs, each element could be fun and whimsical, yet bold and memorable.

A Self-Initiated Project I couldn’t pass up. No affiliation with the university or anyone in athletics.