Timeless Living

Named for the inventor of the first automatic wrist watches, the identity for this new set of luxury condos looked to create a timeless aesthetic with a modern twist. Different aspects of watch mechanics are used to create versatile, bold icons that pair with each unique type treatment.

These are all the different options presented, the first being the selected direction.


Direction by Merrick Towle

An energetic burst mimicking a watch face. Hidden within the ticks, 301 is highlighted to connect with the zipcode of the property.

Gears of all shapes and sizes come together to create a vintage, yet modern visual language.

A cropped view of the inner workings of a watch that abstractly makes an HF monogram.

Mimicking the blocky stacked elements within the property to create a versatile, ever-changing lockup.

The tick marks of a classic watch face create a monogram worthy of the most luxury timepiece brand.