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As part of the admissions process, admitted student have a window of time after they’re accepted to make a final decision before hopefully enrolling. Each student is different in the amount of knowledge they have about JHU. Some might just want a ‘congratulations!’, where others don’t even know where Hopkins is … seriously, this is a thing. This gave a unique opportunity to really go all-out and create and an impactful and engaging microsite that advertised all the best reasons for enrolling. Each section of the site had different objectives, so we designed and built everything custom … no templatization here.

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Direction: Steve Semanchik, Editing: Michael Farina, Videographer: Mike O'Leary

Since being accepted to Hopkins is such a big deal, the first thing we wanted to do was congratulate these exceptional students, and welcome them to the community.

Concept / Direction / UX: Steve Semanchik, Illustration: Caitlin Turner


Let’s face it, Baltimore gets a bad wrap. The Wire and Inner Harbor are pretty much ubiquitous staples of the city. But it’s so much more. In order to get students to buy in to Hopkins, we have to get them to buy in to Charm City too. And to do that, we needed to show off all the funky and fantastic things that give the city its charm. Using a fun, illustrated map, city locations come to life and go deeper than all the typical things you’d see on a travel show. You can even switch to nighttime view, and explore the city after the sun goes down.

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Life Design Network

What sets JHU apart is that they don’t focus on just majors and minors, they want students to include their interests, hobbies and personalities into their journey. This creates some pretty uncommon academic pathways, that produce the world-changing outcomes they strive for. To visually explain what Life Design is, we created a giant virtual nest, with connection points showing off the people and outcomes that stem from this innovative mission. Where else can you connect fashion, entrepreneurship, and community engagement?

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Explore Student Life

Every day at Hopkins is different and exciting. We wanted to replicate that experience digitally. In order to do so we collected as many fun, quirky, and must-do things in order to give students an insider look at all things student life. To inject that ever-changing feeling, users can refresh the listing to get a new experience over and over.

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