Was tasked with reimagining the main identity for the internationally-known brewers, Pabst Brewing Company … not to be confused with the identity/packaging for hipster-favorite Pabst Blue Ribbon. No product is specifically tied to it, rather it’s the umbrella that everything is sold under. The goal was to create a modern interpretation that harkens back to their storied legacy, connect with millennials and a younger demographic, and ultimately engage with consumers in a new and exciting way.

Ultimately, the client decided to go in a different direction, so these concepts die on the cutting room floor.

made @ mission

Concept 1

Updated iconography of hop leaves and the ‘B’ monogram, which stands for original owners’ the Best family, and plays off this name with the introduction of a new company tagline “The Best Name in Brewing”

Concept 2

Plays off original signage from the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee. Reconfigured to be more modern with mono-weight linework and faux shadows.

Concept 3

Updating the traditional ‘Pabst’ wordmark used on Pabst Blue Ribbon with a cleaner script and letterforms. Introduction of bolder palette and larger, more in-your-face graphic treatments.

Concept 4

Uses the decorative shape from vintage Pabst Brewing logo as a container shape for the ‘P’ monogram. As the brand gets expanded the shape would act as a window to different textures (beer) or made with various configurations (overlapping bottle caps).