Louisville Slugger

Worked on concept development for the 2019 product line for Louisville Slugger. Given a few details about the Fastpitch product line, the idea that new technology allowed batters to swing harder for longer resonated. The introduction of Power Full became the rallying cry for everything in the campaign. Paired with graphic elements from the product design, athlete became one with the bats they swing. Imagery for the campaign focused on the moment of impact, and capturing the point where players turn pent-up energy to action. Then, in video, we focused on showing the efforts that feed into that moment … all the early mornings, workout sessions and practice swings.


made @ mission

Power Full Campaign Video:  Art Direction – Steve Semanchik, Video Production – Shaun Bingham, Videographer – Jason Johnson

Campaign manifesto. Influenced everything we created for the campaign


Additional concepts were created for the campaign but made it no further than the cutting room floor. This direction was a spin-off of Power Full but instead looked to an omniscient, cosmic power.

Louisville Slugger