Designer : Hat-Wearer : All-Around Good Guy

My name is Steve Semanchik and I’m a designer from Baltimore, MD by way of Frackville, PA … that is a real town, look it up, it’s right between the Centralia Mine Fire and the Yuengling Brewery. When not designing, I’m a runner, Springsteen-enthusiast and avid soccer fan. I get inspiration from Chuck Jones cartoons, Knute Rockne quotes and the latest KFC ad campaign.

My CV would tell you that my experience runs the gamut of office size and project spec w/ every medium under the sun, but that’s not why you’re here … what I don’t yet have is experience working with you. And when it’s all said and done, isn’t that relationship the most important?

So if you’ve got a new and exciting project, I’d love to here about it. Let’s brainstorm on how we can make it even better.

Let’s talk!