More Than A Number

New owners at the property wanted to embark on a facelift without having to rename and lose awareness in the market. The ask was to redefine the brand as a premiere lifestyle-driven location that rises above the noise and crowded scene of Tampa residential living. The main selling point of the property was a massive infinity pool at the heart of the property that gave residents a hub to gather, enjoy and live unexpectedly.

The idea of a horizon line from this pool became the basis for the overall brand. 915 was previously just the street address, but when envisioned as a time, a duality is created alongside the horizon … is it 9:15 am or pm … are you headed out for a fresh start to the day or out on the town for an exciting evening … is that a sunrise, or a sunset. This duality and mysteriousness opened an unexpected door to abstraction and engagement.

Direction by Merrick Towle

Naming conventions became very important to the brand. Different variations created a multifaceted, diverse set of applications that play off time, dates, addresses, numbers, etc.

Replication, duplication, abstraction, minimalism … all aspects that play a delicate balance to elevate the brand.

Exterior signage that depending on time of day displays wordmark variants.

Off-kilter imagery of the same horizons as the infinity pool paired with grid and line systems that work as another application of the 9/15 proportions.

Custom notecards using the same 9/15 ratio

Towels, patches, and other merch leverage the same 9/15 grid.