Concept / Art Direction: Steve Semanchik Editing: Michael Farina Videographer: Jason Johnson

Greatness Is In Our DNA

Since 1855 Louisville Slugger has been the leader in baseball bats, and for the release of the 2021 lineup, they needed something that would grab players attention and grab the confidence of their parents, who would ultimately be paying. The storied history of LS is based in authenticity. Confidence at the plate is as much a selling point as the tech in the barrel. It’s this idea of being engrained in baseball, not only in the products and the company, but in the blood of every player that steps between the chalk.

made @ mission

Campaign style guide samples for the variance of different products within the family

Teaser Materials

A scientific aesthetic was established to pay off the IN R DNA campaign headline. A randomized letter and number background pattern creates a faux dna ‘sequence’ that works its way into teaser puzzles and giveaways.

A reverse word-search was created with the dna sequence. Players who were able to solve what letters were missing from the puzzle would get discounts at the LS booth at various events, or free decals from the graphics of their favorite bat.

Photo Art Direction

With mirrors on set, we were able to pull off the rorschach look through practical effects that could only have been partially replicated in post. Shooting a mix of day and night gave a variety of abstract looks, uncommon in the sport.

Photo credits: Dale MacMillan + Andy Matheson