Oh Boy, What a Beer!

Baltimore’s favorite ‘local’ beer National Bohemian (or Natty Boh for short) wanted to update their packaging to correspond with the launch of a series of new products. Though none were eventually chosen by their parent brewer, Pabst, I thought each concept was an authentic representation for the Boh brand and its history.

made @ mission

Concept 1

The first concept took a modern approach to everything that people love about Natty Boh … Mr. Boh, and their tagline ‘Oh boy, what a beer!’. By making those as large as possible, they shout at potential buyers from across the room and beg to be picked up. The biggest shift came in the first flavored Boh product ‘Crab Shack Shandy’ with the introduction of fun little crab antagonists. The thinking being that moving forward, new products would all have a slightly tweaked interaction with Mr. Boh.

Concept 2

The second concept takes a retro inspired look at the packaging. Using container shapes, various borders, and linework moves the eye around the can, and calls back to the old days of simpler packaging and minimal treatments

Concept 3

Each can got a customized treatment that ties back to a historical Maryland past time where many a Boh would have been enjoyed. Background textures consisted of Baltimore Sun clippings for Original, sport page articles from the O’s and Pimlico Raceway for Boh Light, and then order-tickets from a crab deck feast.