Welcome to the Nest

Getting into a top ten in the world university is hard. So when you get accepted to Hopkins, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the achievement of each of these remarkable people … and what 18 year old doesn’t like a free bluetooth speaker!

This mailer comes after the very formal, very high-end acceptance letter + folder, so the welcome box could be a bit more playful. Being accepted is just the first step in the much more complicated Yield process. These students are also being woo’d by the likes of Harvard and Yale, so each touchpoint needed to show that Hopkins isn’t messing around. The Hopkins community, or ‘The Nest’ (they’re the blue jays), is the defining characteristic of the university. Each member is driven by the joy of learning, and shaping the world around them.

The Nest became the perfect concept to build the mailer around. Using a 100% custom crafted box, a bluetooth speaker shaped like a blue jay egg was snuggly housed in a nest of blue cray paper. Every detail and keepsake was thoughtfully considered to have a tie to community and welcoming. And in the end, social media was a buzz with the lengths Hopkins was going to connect with their next class.

made @ mission

Even the process of opening the box was considered. A custom diecut construction made an organic 3-dimensional ‘nest’ that welcomed students from the very moment they received it.

Each admitted student was given a bluetooth speaker, a note from a current student welcoming them to the community, and a set of patches. One to wear, and one to leave with someone at home that was impactful in their journey … connecting their past and present ‘nest.’